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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 15, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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power for good? >> yes. they have. still, a very chaotic situation here at dolores street. temperatures continue to search this building for hot spots i've counted a dozen firefighters here cutting through the roof, trying to vent late the situation. take a look. sky 7 overhead minutes after it started about 4:40 this afternoon. it was upgraded to a second alarm when it came clear to firefighters more help was needed. about 60, 70 firefighters are on the scene nochlt reports of
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injuries. let's go back live, more firefighters accessing the roof if needed the chief confirms the fire is now under control. he says the building was built around 1925, he said that is not his biggest concern. if you can see to our left there is a building under construction. he says that is his biggest concern. the fire is controlled we're live in san francisco tonight abc7 news >> thank you. >> that apartment building was burning a firefighter was hurt responding to some sort of fire at this market. never did see flames, officials say a firefighter stepped through part of the roof there.
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heavy smoke choked skies over mission bay. and officials say the massive construction site was an accident. >> good evening to you. this is a copy of the report. there are three key take aways the cause, cost, and location of where that fire began. this video shows fire from above. a raging orange beast snapping at the night. after weeks of investigation, officials say the fire was an accident. possibly shouldering in the southeast. . >> i guess this happens you know?
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>> $40 million in materials and labor went up in smoke. >> ridiculous isn't it? what can you say? that is what it costs for the buildings. either businesses sustained damage. >> this is inside of the store. so that gives you an idea of the temperature. >> the inventory is the real loss. we don't know if we're going to recover from this. >> windows boarded up, residents moving out. >> when it happened i was worried. there are construction projects. this could happen, again. >> the spokesperson says there are no safety regulation changes >> it's early to tell right now if there is any changes that they had to be made.
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>> neither developer nor contractor called today yet the site shows signs of rebirth. >> investigators looking into a cause of a house fire that sent nine people running for their lives. firefighters say the smoke alarm alerted residents to the danger. >> i grabbed my newborn, grab them, yelling through highways. everybody out, fire, fire. >> all of the children ages six weeks to 15 years old got out safely. investigators say the flames spread to the second floor. two homes suffered damage. >> p san jose an active investigation into the cause of a fire in a building is underway. demolition at the site of a former tv news studio at
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montgomery street and park avenue. a detection dog is trying to determine if any flammable liquid was present. >> she's able to locate that location. and her levels go through a pet. >> officials say they'll search for remains the studio was a haven for the homeless. they believe everybody inside did get out safely. >> we have more breaking news in san francisco. a big march of fdiu union employees want a new contract for san francisco union workers. >> the march closed a portion of market street. unions are marching towards twitter headquarters. they're on polk street. the service emmoiys international union is demanding
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a $21 minimum wage as well as free health insurance. >> they want a 5% raise over three years ask a free clinic just for city workers the workers for the city earn $33 an hour plus benefits. >> an oakland school is reeling today after thieves repeatedly broke into the campus and stole hundreds of chrome book computers. principle showed us damage which is extension. in all, 200 lap tops and tablet computers were stolen. >> we're going to find a solution to make sure students continue with learning here. this is not going to impact us. it cannot. we're survivors here in west oakland. >> all of the break ins happen during spring break.
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official says that he the have taken measures to prevent this. >> fbi say raymond shrimp boy chow is one of 29 defendants charged in a public corruption scandal along with suspended state senator leland yee. abc7 news with more on that live in the newsroom. >> the fbi seems to be casting a wide net in its investigation. a source tells us the fbi wants to reach out to politicians who know maj kwoer players in this case and that is a routine follow up to that investigation. there is a superseding indictment and there may be more charges and arrests so the fbi investigation is far from over. >> across civil center word spreading that fbi contacted members of the board of
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supervisors asking to meet with him. the supervisor told us he declined >> they want to talk with me. i don't think it's worth their time to talk to every elected official. >> the fbi wants to talk to david hsu. chow became its manager the reputed gang sister took out this ad in chinese newspapers saying hsu like a corpse eating a vegetarian dinner. he did receive police protection after that. so he may have a little bit more history there. >> at the federal building, arraignments continue continue. >> the self described reformed
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ganger is charged with money laundering. his lawyers believe will will say they were entrapped by the the fbi. our defense theory is that there is no entrapment. he didn't do anything wrong. >> also today, brandon jackson. a 28-year-old son of keith jackson a third defendant was transported from new jersey. he was taken into custody. charged with drugs and weapons trafficking as well as murder for hire. both pleaded not guilty. sullivan's attorney asked the public not to rush to judgment. he's been a boxing promoter and sports agent. i think he's a bright, educated young man. i know he has a masters degree with respect to sports
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management. >> back to city hall. we're told the meetings are voluntary. they've asked for 45 minutes with each supervisor. thank you, vic. >> still ahead sexual violence on college campuses. uc berkeley for a firsthand account. >> drivers descending on transportation agency should parking and miny rides be free? >> a gift from one of silicon valley wealthiest developers. that is just a fraction of what he has given away. >> a victim of the marathon bombing
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a group of uc berkeley students claiming the university is not doing enough to combat sexual violence received high profile support today. laura anthony is live right of the university chancellor, now, two top lawmakers. >> april last year i was sexual assaulted. >> one by one, women stood up and told their story.
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some have done it before. but this time they had two powerful congress women at their side. >> it's particularly chilling there is a level of indifference. i believe this progressive institution, a leader across the continent must step forward and be the model for the country. >> these women among 31 current and former students filing a lawsuit against uc berkeley claiming the university violated their rights in its failure to respond to their complaints some incidents were reported others were not. >> not reporting was a very good decision because i knew i was going to be disrespect by the the university. >> last night, nicholas dirks
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promised to do more to prevent sexual assault. >> we're not indifferent we take it seriously. have put resources in place to support not only our students but to educate incoming students and anyone on our community about what is acceptable behavior, and what isn't. >> congress woman jackie speier plans to inro tro dues a bill called halt campus sexual violence act. >> an old san francisco tradition may be returning. free parking on sunday tonight the transportation agency is voting on a roll back. abc7 news reporter joins us where i understand it's a big development. within just the last few minutes >> they voted to do away with sunday enforcement. the mayor said everywhere he goes he has gotten an earful of
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negative comments about sunday meters so despite the fact that diverse groups like san francisco chamber of commerce and bicycle coalition wanted this enforcement, the transportation directors appointed by the mayor listened to him. for the first time last year the city >> people fworing into service was a great deal of anxiety now. can i serve? and feed the poor without having to feed the meter? >> the agency says sunday metering from noon to 6:00 doubled amount of available parking as more come and go. the owner of jeff's jewels and
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president of the merchant situation says her members not only want sunday metering but have more restrictions. >> we'd like to see two-hour parking. it starts at >> last year, sunday enforcement brought in $7 million in meter season and $4.5 million in tickets for a total of $11.7 million. but despite that revenue, the mayor wants to roll back enforcement and hopes voters will pass a mondayed in november. >> i think the public would be more
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>> so it does go back to free as far as mta directors are concerned it puts 18-year-olds into free muni for youth program this, goes to the board for an up or down vote. thank you. from the san francisco supervisors tonight board president david hsu proposed legislation lift a ban through web sites like air b and b. the proposal would make it legal as long as you pay hotel tax and have liability insurance not allowing to override your lease agreement. you'd have to live in your home for 75% of the year.
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a similar proposal will be taken up tomorrow. >> we have our own sunshine here in the building. >> yes. >> what a great day. nice, breezy. no extremes here is live doppler 7. clear skies we might see patches of low clouds near the coastline. from our mount tam camera, 63 in oakland. 68 san jose. a cool 55 in half moon bay. how about this view? looking under blue skies as well, it's 68 in santa rosa. low 70s in fairfield, concord and livermore. here at abc7 looking over
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ex-pore mroer yim, these features low clouds near the coast tonight. just a few of them. warmer tomorrow and mild weather for easter weekend. satellite image shows high pressure still dominant feature in our weather picture bringing us clear, breezy conditions now. let's skip to thursday morning at 11:00. we're going to expect mainly sunny skies and dry conditions here in the immediate bay area, but a chance of isolated showers north of the bay area. we'll watch that. overnight, look for lows into early morning hours to be in mid to upper whos inland valleys and low 50s around the bay. then, afternoon, our summer cast animation sheing sunny skies throughout the day. 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay. low 80s inland locations. south bay, sunny skies, high
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temperatures from upper 70s to low 80s. 80 in morgan hill tomorrow we'll see mainly mid to upper 70s in redwood city. 78 mountain view. and downtown san francisco a high of 68 tomorrow, north bay, 60s on the coast. upper 70 inland east bay, eight 0e degrees or above. 82 in fairfield here is the accu-weather forecast. it will remain mild and dry. sunny skies, highs upper 70s around the bay.
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there is no rain in sight. >> what a >> paul mccartney may play candle stick one more time. >> why the mayor is not giving up the fight.
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a group of neighbors are presenting this tonight a developer hopes to build 740 homes next to this neighborhood. current residents say the preserve development project will harm their community. construction calls for transforming 450 acres of grassy rolling hills >> 6 million cubic yards of dirt have to be displaced. the hills have to be levelled to flatten the hills so that the development can take place. we look at the project as being devastate for the environment. there are three protected species. >> the developers has not responded to requests for comment on the opposition to the project >> mayor ed lee says the think city is trying to get paul
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mccartney to ply a final concert at candle stick. he and the rest of the beatles played at the stick in 1966. last summer, mccartney headlined outside lands festival. . >> i remember the conversation i had. and i'm hopeful mr. mccartney will bless us with a proper closing of candle stick. >> that would be cool. city officials say they'll still have a send off with, or without, sir paul. >> they can do two concerts. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> still ahead tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 why a man was arrested at the finish line evacuated at the boston marathon tribute. >> a bay area victim proves he's boston strong hez condition a year later
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>> and a march included brother was similar injuries and why they're unsure about taking part in monday's marathon
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san francisco city union workers have taken over parts of city hall part of a protest police are just now starting to
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arrest those who relose to leave. they started marching to twitter headquarters. back to city hall they a list of demands. at the top is a higher minimum wage. >> authorities detonated two backpacks found tonight at the finish line of the boftan marathon. witnesses say a barefoot man dropped off one backpack then took off, running. authorities say there is no indications the bags were a danger but detonated them anyway. last year a pair of bombs inside backpacks killed three people and injured two of 0 more. two brothers injured in the attack walked a warathon course today. they're part of a invitation only tribute. the brothers say returning a year later just may be too
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emotional for them. >> among those attending today, 12-year-old aaron hern, injured as he waited for his mom to complete the marathon. he says aaron hasn't stopped going since getting out of whiz wheelchair, she writes you have shown love conquers hate. that is the love we have felt more than any hate perpetrators tried to spread. after the pain, many runners do intend to return. >> they meet met as a group of fit people not feeling fit enough, apparently. >> they're just going to run a few miles and warm up. >> this is long enough. >> enough if you've been training for the boston
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marathon. >> just a random act. >> that would be a given for kathy johnson or anyone else who shared the experience a year ago today. explosions that killed three and injured 250 others filling in for what could have been celebration for kathy, a slow building burn. >> after seeing what happened, in the gravity of the situation, then, it became, i became more angry. >> what is your tipping point? >> seeing the picture of the guy that had his legs blown off. >> so imagine four runners nearly in the wrong place, wrong time, able to walk away. >> i've got scar scars that are going to take a while to heal.
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those two is going to be hard to move beyond. >> they ran today and why when they run again, it will be in boston. >> changing the picture in my head. yeah. >> a world of them. >> returns for a silicon valley giant. today reporter rofts down $100 million. however, revenues are up thanks to demand for the tablet processors wall street has major mood swings today twitter said it bought a company it's been using to analyze virtually every tweet in anyone that sends or receives one
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saying the purchase will help them drive innovation. >> coca rolea reported a drop in soda sales down 3% in north america. today, coke saying we're beginning to get our momentum back. one of last year's america's cup sailors has been suspended from racing. he was pasht of the america's cup championship team usa squad. sources say not only is he banned from 017, he's also unable to sail in an event this year. the team was sanked for illegally altering one boat used in the warm up regattas. >> the city of livermore declared a stage two water
6:35 pm
restriction. lawn watering allowed only after 6:00 p.m or before 57b8g. restaurants may only serve water on request and no washing of sidewalks. >> until now, the 2001 stanford graduate chelsea chinton said no to questions whether she'd run for office. but in an interview with a business magazine she said she might have a different answer some day. currently she serve s as vice chair of the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation. she's 34 years old >> if you haven't filed taxes yet there is not much time left. so many people e file only two post offices will stay open tonight. to get your returns they will
6:36 pm
take drop offs outside until 10:00 >> remember when there were lines of cars? those are gob. >> it's on the web. >> yes. >> coming up phone shall of google glass now that anyone can order a pair. >> what doctor do
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if you're looking for a way to spend your tax refund interest there may be time to purchase comboogel glass. >> today's win day sale of glass with this report. >> 1, 2. three. start ups involving wearable technology. >> they can have fun and parents can track their brushes. >> this is not a bat. it's a movement. >> one day, google opened up sales of glass to anyone willing
6:40 pm
to pay for the so called explorer edition. it's admittingly not quite finished >> needs to look like our glasses now like mine. >> still, by noon they ran out of the color. there are four other colors with names like shale and alex foster has a game they made this video for people using it well running. >> to race against friends. >> gina's app sends video to a doctor back at the hospital. >> so they can see and hear, understand what's happening with the patients >> here, fashion doesn't matter, glass is just another tool >> glass made it into the operating room they gave us this video in action >> it's been to project as i'm
6:41 pm
operating. >> he can put them up but says glass could be a surgery with no distractions. >> you'd never have to break your attention. >> another way to use a device sparking everyone's you'ros ti. >> when now, you may be able to order one if you hurry but google tells us that window is closing they won't say how many they have left. in the newsroom abc7 news. >> wow. >> if you're a frayed of the hose stilt you might encounter you may want to wait for a pair of these. contact lenses with a camera built in. it opens a possibility that it could be shrink to the size of your finger tips. >> can i just fix my eyes? can they do that, too?
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a new generation of technology making its mark on health, education and social justice. in silicon valley you can have the name of developer of developer john sobrato. how the family is making a big difference. >> you'll see the name sobrato all over the value yeechl the family constructed many of the buildings all over skal yeechl he recognized some are left behind they were homeless and needed housing. they were sick and needed cancer care, if they couldn't afford it he set up three center to house nonprofit agencies and charging only a dollar per year for rent. >> he's curious and interested and wants to understand it >> he turned 75 in two weeks and
6:46 pm
have joined the pledge to give away their wealth, not just half, but all of it. santa clara university is a beneficiary. he mentioned valley medical center. >> valley medical center takes anyone. whether undocumented or documented doesn't matter. so we want to support that effort. >> they've given away $262 million including $92 million from family members, $63 million in donations and $39 million for leases he shares the passion.
6:47 pm
he wants to be in the classrooms and to be out in the community. i know he's toured like some of the homeless destinations. that is the person he is. so it's the giving of his passion. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> i speak for people i never heard of this before tonight. and i think we're all huge fans now. >> thank you for with a you're doing. >> notice the color of cheryl's jacket. check this picture out. yesterday's sunset just stunningly
6:48 pm
clear skies and a hive 95. warmer weather tomorrow than today as well inland lobings topping out at low 80s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild, dry throughout the weekend. and prior to that, smooth sailing. >> nice >> we want to thank those of you who took time sending picture of the lunar eclipse >> we have shots and one in campbell. there, there it is. >> shots taken from concord, that is so cool. >> and another in fremont. >> creative.
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>> how did you do that? >> yes we're technology challenged. >> why isn't anyone happy about this hir to you earlier ] when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying]
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kwanzaa martin was a hot coaching touchdown hired today at cal taking over for mike montgomery. just weeks ago reaffirming commitment to wows but played at purdue before moving ahead to missouri state, then tennessee and now he's a golden bear. >> they chose me i don't take that lightly. it's a great opportunity. a beautiful place. >> they get used to a staff as a family and coach.
6:53 pm
so give me an opportunity. >> the hiring paying dividends. an 18-year-old seven-footer committed to martin in tennessee yesterday. saying in addition i want to thank the university of tennessee. not everyone happy. now said this on twitter not hiring for the head coaching position he says spit in the face to anyone who played the last six years then messaged former pack 12 player of the year allen crab and wrote they offered it to scrubs, tennessee
6:54 pm
coach, coach from richmond i bet guys will transfer. aaron gordon joining his junior teammate in a press conference today. >> i know what i'm capable of. i know potential is limitless. and my game is going to expand. >> brandon lloyd is made catches and lloyd didn't play last year. a member of the patriots in
6:55 pm
2012. l.a. just a game ahead of the giants. reminder this is jackie robinson day. a day to remember a man paving the way for many. and help change a society. >> that is as much as jackie did. incredible. what he had to do be the player he was. >> no doubt. >> justice was served today. jean carlo gonzales fined for an undisclosed amount not for the hit on sunday's game but for this, embellishment and flop.
6:56 pm
there you'll see gonzales. oh. he got me. he got me. nba has a $5,000 fine for flopping. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> wow. >> okay. >> don't do that. >> new moon then a manhunt for men suspected of robbing a retired marine at gun point. >> wow. >> that is going to do it. our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. from all of us, have a good evening.
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